Elbow pain & treatment

Common elbow injuries that we treat.

Elbow pain

Tennis elbow

Tennis elbowPain on the outside of the elbow joint is usually classified as “tennis elbow” or “DIY elbow”.

These terms are very generalised terms for several possibilities. The term “tennis elbow” usually refers to damage of the forearm muscles and tendons that attach to the outside of the elbow joint. The technical term can be described as either tendonitis or tendonosis.

Pain is usually experienced with gripping activities, movement of the elbow or sports such as tennis, badminton etc. It is important to remember that anyone can suffer tendonitis or tendonosis at the elbow, not just people who play tennis. Treatment will usually focus on the damaged tissue and factors that are contributing to the pain. It is not a condition that responds well with rest, painkillers or injections.

Golfer’s elbow

Golfer's elbowGolfers elbow is the same pathology as tennis elbow except it happens on the inside of the elbow joint.

Again, you don’t have to play golf to experience pain on the inside of the joint. In fact it is more likely in people who do repetitive movements such as typing and mouse work. The technical term is tendonitis or tendonosis. However, in some cases, pain can be present just because the muscles are so tight.

Treatment will focus on correcting the damaged tissue, loosening the effected muscles and strengthening the whole joint. Again this is a condition that does not respond well with rest, painkillers or injections. If the person suffering pain plays golf regularly then assessment of his / her technique would also be advantageous.

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Trapped nerve and referred pain from the neck

Pain in the elbow can also be referred from the neck. This usually happens when there is some form of nerve compression in the cervical spine.

A thorough examination should reveal where the pain is coming from and then treatment can be targeted towards the specific area of the body.

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Other elbow injuries that we treat include; muscle tears, ligament damage & dislocations


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