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What we do at James Grigg Centres?

Injury treatment

Back pain

At James Grigg we diagnose and treat pain or injury that is muscular, joint or nerve related.

These include back pain, neck pain, trapped nerves, slipped discs, whiplash, ligament problems, tendon problems, sports injuries, headaches, fractures, joint replacements, muscle tears etc.

Treatment may included; joint mobilisations, sports massage, rehabilitation exercises, postural assessment and correction, deep tissue release, strengthening and stretching etc.

For more information on what and how we treat please click here

Sports Massage
Sports Massage in Salisbury

Sports massage is quite simply massage….. just better.
It works by applying deep pressure to areas of tightness
within the muscle often known as knots. These knots
cause pain at the site of the tightness within the muscle.
However, it is also common for muscular knots to cause
pain in other areas of the body that are not tight. This is
called “refereed pain”. For example, tightness in the upper
back and shoulder muscles can cause headache pain.

Sports massage will leave you feeling refreshed,
rejuvenated and relaxed. Due to the demands
of daily living and the stresses we place on our
bodies, many people put up with constant dull
aches or niggling pains. Most of these are of
muscular origin. Sports massage address’s these
issues and resolves them quickly often with
immediate effect.

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Personal Training

Personal training in Salisbury

A personal trainer is there to teach you how to exercise, how to get results and how to stay motivated to achieve your goals. It’s that simple. Many people either don’t know how to exercise, or don’t enjoy exercise.

James Grigg personal training is the fast and enjoyable way of achieving your fitness goals whatever they may be.

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What else we do at James Grigg Centres

Injury treatment | Sports massage | Personal training


Salisbury Centre

Personal training in SalisburyBased inside the Raymond McEnhill Stadium
just 5 minutes from Salisbury City Centre

The Raymond McEnhill Stadium
Partridge Way
Old Sarum

Phone – 01722 440688
Email –

New Forest Centre

Personal training in SalisburyBased in the heart of the new forest
just a short drive from Downton and Fordingbridge.

The Bungalow
Hatchett Green

Phone – 01725 530196
Email –

For more information on pain in a particular region of the body then please see below