Hamstring / Thigh pain & treatment

Common thigh injuries that we treat.

Thigh pain

Pain in the back of the thigh

Thigh painPain in the hamstring area can be due to a number of reasons. The most common are…

1- Hamstring muscle tears

2- Referred muscle pain

3- Referred pain from the lower back

Tearing of the hamstring muscles is fairly common and will often happen when the leg is out straight in front. It usually is as a result of either sudden acceleration, sudden deceleration, sharp twisting movements or jumping related activities.

Treatment of hamstring muscle tears follows the same protocols of any muscle tear…

– Regain strength

– Regain mobility

– Regain control

– Regain function

Treatment involves massage, joint mobilisation, strengthening and rehabilitation exercises.

Referred pain from the lower back

Referred painThis is the more common hamstring type pain we see at the James Grigg Centres. People are amazed at how the majority of pain in their hamstring area is actually all coming from the lower back and at how quickly symptoms can resolve. People often report with symptoms that include…

– A feeling of tightness within the hamstring

– A sharp stabbing pain into the buttock

– A “dead” feeling or “heaviness”

– Hamstring fatigue or weakness

– Pins and needles

All these symptoms however, can also be present with a genuine tear to the hamstring muscle. Therefore it is important to get the correct diagnosis as soon as possible.

Treatment of referred pain is usually pretty quick. Focus is first targeted towards the lower back joints and muscle. This is a common area for where nerves can become trapped which can be the cause of the referred pain. Once the underlying cause is resolved then treatment on the hamstring muscle can commence and be much more effective.


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