John Bishop’s Sport Relief Challange – Ice Baths!

185 mile bike ride. 26 mile row. 85 mile run. In just 5 days!

An amazing achievement.

This years sport relief challenge saw comedian John Bishop travelling from Paris to London in an epic endurance triathlon lasting 5 days. John completed his “week of hell” challenge by cycling, rowing and running a total of 290 miles and raising over 3.5 million pounds for sport relief in the process.

This really is an amazing achievement, but one that could most probably not have happened without support from key people around him. Obviously the support from his family and the general public would have been a huge psychological boost, however, the support from his medical team was also crucial.

The question we have been asked a lot since it aired has been…

What is the point of an ice bath?

Ice Bath

During the challenge John was regularly instructed to undertake ice baths following each day’s activity.

There is a good reason for this and that is to promote healing. The theory behind this method of recovery is that the cooling of the muscle tissue will cause…

1) A constriction of blood vessels and a flushing away of waste products i.e. lactic acid

2) A slowing down in the activity of cells which helps reduce damage

3) A reduction in swelling and inflammation

Subsequently the re-warming of the tissue and increased blood flow following an ice bath will then improve the healing process. There are a lot of theories for how long to immerse muscles in an ice bath and how effective it is.

The general rule is 10 minutes but will vary with different research.

For those of you who missed it you can still download it on iTunes!

London Marathon. April 22, 2012.

London Marathon
With less than a week to the London Marathon we would like to wish all our marathon training clients who we have been working with over the past few months all the best and hope you achieve your goals!

We look forward to repairing the damage the week after!

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