Knee pain & treatment

Common knee injuries that we treat.

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Ligament / cartilage tears

Knee pain

Pain on the inside of the knee is quite often due to damage of the medial collateral ligament located on the inside of the knee or the cartilage within the joint. Both can damage due to force being applied to the outside of the knee, twisting/rotational movements, landing from a jump or sudden changes of direction.

Cartilage problems usually cause pain on the inside of the knee joint, a small amount of swelling, occasional locking of the knee, pain going up/down stairs and pain with walking. Depending of the severity of damage to the ligament will determine the level of pain. In some cases pain is only mild and may not have been noticed at the time of injury. In some cases the pain will be so bad that it stops the person from walking.
Treatment of both injuries is relatively similar and aims to restore full range of movement as quickly as possible. Strength, co-ordination and the stability of the surrounding muscles is also important. The stability of the pelvis is something that must also be assessed.

In some cases surgery may be required especially if there is a tearing of the cartilage.

Mal-tracking knee cap

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Mal-tracking of the knee cap is a common form of pain experienced at the knee joint.

The knee cap moves outwards and inwards as the knee is bent. If this tracking is incorrect then pain is felt, usually on the inside of the knee. In most cases the cause is due to the structures on the outside of the knee being too tight and the structures on the inside of the knee not working effectively.

The outside structures (ilitobial band) usually responds well with deep tissue massage. The inside structures (vastus medialis – part of the quadriceps muscle) will usually need strengthening and activation exercises.

Knee cap mal-tracking usually causes pain when walking downstairs, a feeling of “giving way” and pain with sharp movements.

Other knee injuries that we treat include; dislocations, fractures & post-op rehabilitation


Referred pain from the back?

Pain in the knee can also be referred from the lower back.

This usually happens when there is some form of nerve compression in the lumbar spine.

A thouroug examination should reveal where the pain is coming from and then treatment can be targeted towards the specific area of the body.

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