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Sports and remedial massage involve the skilled application of manual therapy to help remedy a problem.

It is primarily aimed at muscle but can be applied to both tendons and ligaments as well as other connective tissue. It not only has a positive effect on these structures but can also greatly improve the functionality of the whole body.

Sports and remedial massage can help deal with many problems of daily living including…

– Stress
– Postural problems
– AnxietyRemedial massage in Salisbury
– Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
– Neck and back tension
– Tight muscles
– Headaches and migraines
– Insomnia
– Poor skin tone
– Poor blood supply
– Joint stiffness
– Occupational injuries
– Sleep disturbances
– Sports injuries

What is the difference between sports and remedial massage?

In truth, not a lot. Sports massage is usually a lot deeper type of massage than remedial massage. Sports massage is typically used to help treat sports injuries by releasing knots and help re-align damaged muscle tissue. Remedial massage is a much more gentle approach ideally suited for those who just simply wish to relax and unwind.

However, for many non sports related injuries and problems, deeper pressure is much more effective and many people will benefit more with having a combination of both sports and remedial massage rather than just having a relaxing remedial massage. Depending on the nature of the problem will determine the best form of massage. In simple terms, remedial massage is a way to help just relax and unwind, sports massage is the treatment of muscle damage and knots.

Other forms of massage that we specialise in include…

Friction massage

Friction massage is continuous direct pressure to muscles, tendons and ligaments which is designed to promote healing and help with the breakdown of excessive scar tissue following injury.

Trigger point massage

Trigger point massage is a specific type of massage designed to help release tight knots within muscles. Tight knots are also known as “trigger points”

Pre-event sports massage

Pre-event sports massage is used to help prepare an athlete or individual for competetion. This could be on the day of the event or up to 3 or 4 days before. It works by improving tissue elasticity, removal of waste products from hard training and encouraging blood flow to help physiological and psychological prepartion.

Post-event massage

Post-event massage helps the muscles to recover from competition by improving the removal of lactic acid and waste products, maintaining flexibility and encouraging the healing of minor damages to the muscles, tendons and ligaments. It also helps prepare for the next event however long it maybe away.

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