Neck pain & treatment

Common neck injuries that we treat.

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Locked joints

Neck painLocking of the neck joints can cause extreme pain in the neck and shoulder area.

Pain is usually sharp and often occurs when rotating the head to a particular side.

Locking of the neck joints commonly happens after sleeping awkwardly, playing sports or sudden movement.

Pain can also be felt into the shoulder, elbow, wrist and fingers.

Treatment is usually relatively quick and often be resolved in one session. Gentle joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage and gentle stretches are usually the treatment of choice.

Trapped nerves

Neck painA trapped nerve in the neck is often caused by a locking of the joints. They can also be due to tight muscle pressing on the nerve.

Pain can often start in the neck and travel up and down the arm. Pins and needles, a numbness feeling and muscle weakness may also be present. With all trapped nerves, treatment is aimed at removing the compression.

Treatment is relatively quick and is similar to the treatment of locked joints.

Treatment should also look at why the injury happened in the first place.



A whiplash injury involves rapid extension and flexion of the neck. This is usually as a result of a car accident where the impact is from behind.

Often, whiplash injuries only cause mild pain and stiffness at the time of injury. Over time the pain can become a lot worse.

Examination usually shows severe muscles spasm, tightness in the spinal segments and compression on nerve tissue.

Treatment can sometimes be a lengthy process, however, the quicker you start the quicker it heals.

Other neck injuries that we treat include; muscle tears, ligament damage & disc pathology


Suffering with a particular injury

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