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Running Injury Diagnosis & Treatment

Running Injury Clinic Southampton, Salisbury & the New Forest

Running injuries are more common than ever, as
the popularity of pounding the streets or treadmill
increases as a form of competition, social activity or
means of toning up those unused muscles.

Unfortunately many suffer with some common running
related injuries such as Achilles, calf, knee, thigh, hip
or back pain. Many beginner runners often stop after
only just taking up the activity due to pain or
discomfort. This is such a shame as most of these
injuries can be either avoided or cured.

Running / video analysis

Running analysis

The way we run has a significant impact on the way the body functions. A poor running technique can be the cause of many running related injuries.

For example, weakness in the buttock muscles can cause the knee to fall inwards thus increasing the strain placed on the inside of the knee. Equally, a flat foot arch can cause increased strain and eventually injury on the Achilles tendon.

Video analysis of a subject running can highlight these areas and help structure an appropriate treatment plan to treat the cause of the injury.

Achilles Tendon, Calf & Knee Pain

Running injury
The most common running related injuries we
see here at the James Grigg Centres are
Achilles, calf and knee associated pain.

We regularly video our clients on the treadmill
and watch together on the big screen in slow motion
to fully understand how the lower limbs are
functioning whilst running.

Instead of just treating the symptoms, this
allows us to correct the underlying problems
when forming a structured treating plan.

The treatment plan is usually as follows…

1. Video analysis
2. Establish any biomechanical errors
3. Correct biomechanical errors
4. Mobilise stiff joints
5. Sports massage
6. Strengthening exercises
7. Re-assess for biomechanical errors
8. Pain free running!

Not everyone will need a video analysis

Running injury

Running injuries are not always caused by a bad running technique and therefore video analysis may not be necessary or will provide no use when analysed.

The more running we do, the more maintenance we need. For example: a marathon runner should have regular sports massages to help recover the repetitive damage caused by training.

This individual may have a perfectly good running technique but is still getting pain. Therefore the treatment plan will differ.

So whether you run 5k, 10k, half marathons,
full marathons, triathlons or just run for fun…
if you are in pain… it can be fixed

Running injury

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