Injury treatment

At James Grigg we diagnose and treat pain or injury that is muscular, joint or nerve related. These include back pain, neck pain, trapped nerves, slipped discs, whiplash, ligament problems, tendon problems, sports injuries, headaches, fractures, joint replacements, muscle tears etc.
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Post-op rehabilitation

Post-op rehabilitation is the immediate care following a surgical procedure i.e. joint replacements, ligament reconstructions, arthroscopies, debridements etc. It is considered by many as more crucial than the procedure itself.
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Sports Massage

Sports massage will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Due to the demands of daily living and the stresses we place on our bodies, many people put up with constant dull aches or niggling pains. Most of these are of muscular origin. Sports massages address’s these issues and resolves them quickly often with immediate effect.
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Personal Training

A personal trainer is there to teach you how to exercise, how to get results and how to stay motivated to achieve your goals. It’s that simple. Many people either don’t know how to exercise, or don’t enjoy exercise. James Grigg personal training is the fast and enjoyable way of achieving your fitness goals whatever they may be.
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