What we treat

At the James Grigg Centres we diagnose and treat pain or injury that is muscular, joint or nerve related. These include back pain, neck pain, trapped nerves, slipped discs, whiplash, ligament problems, tendon problems, sports injuries, headaches, fractures, joint replacements, muscle tears etc.

The goal

The aim of every treatment is to always get you back to full functional activity as quickly as possible. This maybe daily activities, work related issues or sports related performance. Whatever the reason for you coming to see us, our goal remains the same. Treatment is fast and effective.

The treatment

Treatment may involve joint mobilisations, massage, strengthening and rehabilitation.

Our practitioners have many years experience in both the sporting and non-sporting environments. This enables us to take the most relevant, up to date research and treatment techniques from both fields. This means our treatment is always of the highest quality.

The facilities

Both centres have large spacious treatment rooms. This enables any rehabilitation that is necessary to be carried out in the most appropriate way.

The bigger picture

Here at the James Grigg Centres we have a strong relationship with other medical professionals who we refer too if we feel necessary. These include orthopaedic surgeons, podiatrists, nutritionists and GP’s. So if you’re not sure who to go and see, then feel free to contact us and we will always point you in the right direction.

James Grigg Centres at Salisbury City FC

The James Grigg Centres are responsible for the treatment and rehabilitation at Salisbury City FC. Read more