What is it

Post-op rehabilitation is the immediate care following a surgical procedure i.e. joint replacements, ligament reconstructions, arthroscopies, debridements etc. It is considered by many as more crucial than the procedure itself.

What does it do

Post-op rehabilitation focuses on regaining range of motion, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance to the affected area. This does not simply happen on it’s own. The nature of the operation will determine the amount of rehabilitation required. A joint replacement for example will take far longer to rehabilitate than a minor cartilage repair.

I have been given exercises

Excellent! Make sure you do them. The key to successful operations is following the advice you have been given post surgery. However, the majority of after care following surgery is not as good as it should be meaning rehabilitation takes longer and quite often results in permanent restriction or weakness.

We go further

Here at the James Grigg Centres we have a great understanding and working relationship with orthopedic surgeons and GP’s. Our post-op rehabilitation is comparable to what an elite international athlete would receive following a surgical procedure. This includes soft tissue massage, strengthening, balancing exercises, co-ordination activities and joint mobilisations.

Halve your rehab time

Our post-op treatment approach has seen rehabilitation times reduce by over 50%. What’s more, this approach enables the full potential of surgical recovery to be achieved. This means whatever range of movement, whatever strength, whatever flexibility, whatever co-ordination, whatever balance is physically possible following an operation, can be achieved. This is not possible without the correct treatment.