Shoulder pain coming from the neck

Shoulder pain is one of the most common injuries we see here at the James Grigg Centres. However, the majority of treatment is aimed towards the neck and spine before treatment starts at the shoulder.

Shoulder pain

The neck causing shoulder pain

Referred pain from the neck is extremely common. A bundle of nerves called the brachial plexus leaves the neck and travels down the shoulder into the arm and hand. These nerves have a labyrinth of muscle tissue, bone and joints to navigate around.

It is very easy for these nerves to become compressed. When this happens, pain can occur anywhere from the neck to the hand even though the actual site of compression can be elsewhere.

Symptoms of nerve compression could be

1 – Shooting pains
2 – Aching senstations
3 – Pins and needles
4 – Weakness in the muscles
5 – The arm feeling “heavy” or “dead”

Obviously shoulder pain could actually be coming from the shoulder joint itself. It is just in most cases the neck and spinal joints are responsible for the symptoms. That’s why a good assessment and treatment plan of the whole upper limb is essesnital for complete and speedy recovery. Making an accurate diagnosis is extremely important in order to make sure the right area is being treated.

Neck pain

Treating the neck

Treating the neck is relatively straight forward once the
cause has been established.

Applying gentle pressure to the spinal joints reduces the
pressure on the nerves around the neck. This alone can be
enough to relive the pain in the shoulder.

The use of sports massage is extremely beneficial as it
helps release the spasm and tightness surrounding the
neck and shoulder. It allows the muscles to return to
normal length and function.

Rehhabilitation exercises should focus on regaining
strength, mobility and stability in the neck, shoulder
and shoulder blade area.

It really can be a quick fix sometimes, even if the
symptoms are very painful.

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A video example from one of our clinics…

The following video demonstrates how a specific neck mobilisation can resolve extreme pain in the neck and also pain and restriction in the shoulder.

As demonstrated, spinal mobilisations do not need to be aggressive to be effective. What’s more, a shoulder problem may not actually be a shoulder problem at all. Referred pain is extremely common and an accurate diagnosis is fundamental in order to achieve a pain free movement. Whether there is damage to the shoulder joint or not, assessment of the neck and spinal nerves should always occur.

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