Shoulder pain & treatment

Common shoulder injuries that we treat.

Shoulder pain

Rotator cuff injury

Rotator cuff injuryThere are four muscles that make up the rotator cuff muscle set.

All of them directly attach from the shoulder blade to the top of the arm bone (humerus).

Rotator cuff injures can happen with direct trauma or can gradually come on due to wear and tear. They will classically cause pain with shoulder movement, in particular, raising the arm straight out in front or to the side.

Quite often the rotator cuff muscles are being compressed by other structures and this can be the cause of the pain. Treatment is usually focused on releasing the compression and strengthening the muscles. If the muscles have torn then treatment will focus on strengthening and rehabilitating the whole shoulder joint.

Treatment is also aimed at correcting any other biomechanical factors that may have lead to the injury in the first place.

Joint mal-tracking

Shoulder pain

Joint mal-tracking is when the arm bone (humerus) does not slide, glide or roll correctly within the scapula (shoulder blade).

Pain is quite often experienced when raising the arm to the side and is parallel with the ground. Sharp pain and associated weakness can also be present with random movements. Mal-tracking is not a dislocation as some people may think. Pain patterns with joint mal-tracking vary dramatically. On certain days pain can be present most of the day. On other days, pain may be very mild or not even noticed.

Treatment is relatively quick and in some cases can be almost instantaneous with joint mobilisations. Soft tissue massage is also a great treatment to help release tight structures that are pulling on the joint.

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Trapped nerve and referred pain from the neck

Pain in the shoulder can also be referred from the neck. This usually happens when there is some form of nerve compression in the cervical spine.

A thorough examination should reveal where the pain is coming from and then treatment can be targeted towards the specific area of the body.

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Other shoulder injuries that we treat include; muscle tears, ligament damage & post-op rehabilitation


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