Sports massage stops headaches

More and more people are reporting to our Salisbury and New Forest Centre’s suffering with headaches. Sports massage is fast becoming the treatment of choice to stop this debilitating condition.

Sports massage headaches

The most common treatment prescribed by doctors for headaches are painkillers. Although this can temporarily  reduce symptoms it does not necessarily  address the underlying issue.

There are many reasons why headaches occur, however, one of the most common is due to tight muscle tissue located in the neck and shoulders. These areas of tightness are known as trigger points.

Trigger points can be described as “little knots” that can be felt within muscle tissue. They often cause pain at the site they are located, however, they can also cause pain in other areas of the body. This is called “referred pain”. Trigger points located in the shoulder and neck muscles often refer headache type pain to the head. Taking prescribed painkillers will target the symptoms of the headache but will not treat the trigger points located in the muscles. This is why people suffering with headaches will quite often experience headaches on a regular basis.

Sports massage works by directly targeting trigger points. Over the past few months we have seen dramatic results with the use of sports massage for people suffering with headaches.

Sports massage is fantastic. I used to have beauty massages but it never helped. I didn’t realise that you didn’t have to play sport to benefit from having a sports massage.

Natalie Hood, Hairdresser

Sitting at work always used to give me pain in my neck and shoulders. Sports massage with James has released all the problems areas within my muscles and staying seated at work is no longer a problem. It has made a huge difference!

Katherine Sharpe, Secretary

I used to take painkillers at least 4 times a week to stop the headache pain when working. After 3 sports massage treatments at James Grigg Salisbury I have not had another headache. I no longer need painkillers and feel so much more relaxed at work. I would thoroughly recommend sports massage to anyone suffering with headaches as the results have been fantastic

David Colin, Finance Director

Sports massage is a natural way to not only tackle symptoms of headaches but also directly tackle the cause of headaches. If you would like to know more about how sports massage can help you then please contact either our Salisbury Centre or New Forest Centre by clicking here

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