The Southampton Sports Injury Clinic – Located in Hedge End, Southampton

Sports Injury Clinic in SalisburyThe James Grigg Centres are private practices specialising in injury treatment, sports massage, post-op rehabilitation and personal training.

Sports injuries make up about 50% of the injuries we treat, the rest consist of more everyday problems such as back pain, neck pain, headaches etc.

So are you a sports injury clinic?

Well yes. We have a sports injury department in both Southampton and the New Forest that specialises with the assessment and treatment of sports related injuries.

I don’t think I have a sports injury, can I still come and see you?

Of course! As already mentioned we treat both sports related injuries and non sports related injuries. If you would like more information then please feel free to contact us.

How are sports injuries treated compared to non sports injuries?

Sports injuries are usually more complex than non sports injuries. This is because sports participation places more stress on the body than sedentary lifestyle. Our sports injury clinics in Southampton and the New Forest specifically looks at why the injury has happened in the first place and assesses how the particular sport is contributing to the injury.

How do I know if I have a sports related injury?

An injury is an injury no matter whether you play sport or not and will respond with treatment. A sports injury could be classified as an injury that has directly occurred as a result of playing sport or is emerging when sport is being played.

How do you treat sports related injuries?

1. We assess the injury
2. We treat the injury
3. We understand the sport you are playing
4. We rehab the injury to your particular sport
5. We fix the injury

Our sports injury clinic in Southampton and the New Forest look at why the injury has happened. Treatment will focus initially on the symptoms of your injury to help with pain relief. It will then target the underlying cause of the injury to help prevent it from happening again.

The key from then on is to fully understand the demands of the particular sport you are participating in. Whether it be long distance running, triathlons, contact sports such as football or rugby, sports that require very fast changes of direction such as tennis or badminton. It doesn’t matter what the particular sport is, we will develop and implement a rehab programme that is specific to your needs and the demands placed upon your body through the sport you play.

Where are you based?

Our sports injury clinic in Southampton is located just 2 minutes from junction 7 on the M27.

Our sports injury clinic in the New Forest is based in Hale close to Fordingbridge and Downton.

For more information on our sports injury clinic, sports related injury, sports injury treatment or sports massage services then please contact us via our centres page by clicking here

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What we do at James Grigg Centres

Injury treatment. Click here for more info

Back pain

At James Grigg we diagnose and treat pain or injury that is muscular, joint or nerve related.

These include back pain, neck pain, trapped nerves, slipped discs, whiplash, ligament problems, tendon problems, sports injuries, headaches, fractures, joint replacements, muscle tears etc.

Treatment may included; joint mobilisations, sports massage, rehabilitation exercises, postural assessment and correction, deep tissue release, strengthening and stretching etc.

Sports Massage. Click here for more info
Sports Massage in Salisbury

Sports massage is quite simply massage….. just better.
It works by applying deep pressure to areas of tightness
within the muscle often known as knots. These knots
cause pain at the site of the tightness within the muscle.
However, it is also common for muscular knots to cause
pain in other areas of the body that are not tight. This is
called “refereed pain”. For example, tightness in the upper
back and shoulder muscles can cause headache pain.

Sports massage will leave you feeling refreshed,
rejuvenated and relaxed. Due to the demands
of daily living and the stresses we place on our
bodies, many people put up with constant dull
aches or niggling pains. Most of these are of
muscular origin. Sports massage address’s these
issues and resolves them quickly often with
immediate effect.

Post-op rehabilitation. Click here for more info

Personal training in Salisbury

Post-op rehabilitation is the immediate care following a surgical procedure i.e. joint replacements, ligament reconstructions, arthroscopies, debridements etc. It is considered by many as more crucial than the procedure itself.

Post-op rehabilitation focuses on regaining range of motion, strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance to the affected area. This does not simply happen on it’s own. The nature of the operation will determine the amount of rehabilitation required. A joint replacement for example will take far longer to rehabilitate than a minor cartilage repair.

Injury treatment | Sports massage | Post-op rehabilitation

All available in these locations…

Southampton Centre

Sports massage SouthamptonBased in Hedge End just 2 minutes from
junction 7 on the M27

27 Wellstead Way
Hedge End
SO30 2LE

Phone – 02380 014081
Email –

Salisbury Centre

Personal training in SalisburyBased inside the Raymond McEnhill Stadium
just 5 minutes from Salisbury City Centre

The Raymond McEnhill Stadium
Partridge Way
Old Sarum

Phone – 01722 440688
Email –

New Forest Centre

Personal training in SalisburyBased in the heart of the new forest
just a short drive from Downton and Fordingbridge.

The Bungalow
Hatchett Green

Phone – 01725 530196
Email –